Shake the Weasel Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone Game (wp7 / Droid / iOS)

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Shake the Weasel for Android


Download now for iPhone (coming soon!):
Shake The Weasel (iOS)


Download now for Windows Phone 7:
Shake The Weasel (wp7)


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Shake The Weasel on Facebook


Shake the Weasel is the greatest casual game to share with your friends, family, and coworkers. See who is the best at Shaking their Weasel. Fire up the game and start a quick match. You have 15 seconds to shake your weasel as hard as you can. If you are feeling particularly randy you can challenge your friends to the marathon mode where you have to shake for 60 seconds. Give it a shot, it sounds much easier than it is.

Once you have finished shaking your weasel you can submit your score to the online and local leaderboards. You can also brag to your friends on Facebook telling them how well you Shake your Weasel. Facebook stats include the total shakes and how many times you can shake your weasel per second. Try having a few drinks and passing it around the room, it is sure to be a big hit.


Update 1.1:

-Due to popular demand, the High Scores view now shows the top 50 in each category.

-The background for the Shaking View has been updated to the Weasel’s home habitat.


Game Play Video

The Marathon Tripod with Transition to the Tired Two-Hander


Little Stroker to Long Range to Tired Facial




Shake the Weasel is brought to you by Rehlander Technologies. Check out additional images from the game below.

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