EZ Shopping List

EZ Shopping list is a Wp7 Application that was released to the market in December 2010.  It is a free application that focuses on simplicity and ease of use.  Most of the Shopping List apps on the market have a steep learning curve and a number of unnecessary steps to add items.  A shopping list should be a simple thing to edit.  A Wp7 Panoramic control was used as the main navigation for the application.  It features the main list, a section to edit your Item History, and an About section.  To add an item, you simply press (+ add item) in the top right of your screen.  It is always visible and simply accessible.  This will bring up a screen where you can type in a new item and description.  Alternatively, you can swipe right on this sub-panoramic to view your Item History.  Here will list all of the items you have added in before.  It is useful in case you have items that you buy every week.  For example, I like to get a 12pk of Gatorade G2s, Roast Beef, and Cheese.  It’s simple for me to re-add these items to my list because they are conveniently located in my history.  I don’t need to retype them.  This app is intuitive, simple, and efficient.  I’d love to hear your comments!

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